Sunday, November 28, 2010

IM King

Is everyone tired of that turkey and dressing yet? If so, Fly Times Boutique is about to come through and fill you up with another full course meal consisting of the two essential vitamins necessary to remain fly, which are originality and style! In case you havent been paying attention, IMKING is about to start making big noise in the fashion industry. Once again Fly Times Boutique is right there to bring you not only what's new, but the dopest, freshest, craziest............. I think you get the point. ENJOY!!!

Not only did they drop a black pair of sunglasses, we were also blessed with the classic toirtose shell print that matches anything! And once again with a price like $25, it matches all budgets
What else completes a dope fit besides a nice pair of shades? IMKING has come with a pair of black sunglasses that are garaunteed to turn heads. And for $25 they are also garaunteed not to turn out your pockets.
In an era of auto-toned, watered down, uninspiring music, we are forced to ask ourselves, What happened? For that matter, what has happened to the culture that is hip hop? The only time you see people breaking is late night on vh1 soul when you stumble upon "Wild Style" or "Breakin". Which raises the age old question, is hip hop dead? I think the people at IMKING have given you there answer.

Check out the dope shades and "Deadbeat" tee. find it at

---- worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

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