Friday, November 19, 2010

NDK Holiday

Happy Friday everyone!!! The weekend is here but do you really think Fly Times is not working hard? If you did, than your sadly mistaken. Once again we are bringing you cutting edge fashions straight to your fingertips. This installments is compliments of NDK crew, some more fresh crews for you to stay warm and fresh at the same time.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, YOUR FAR TOO KIND!!!

Even Wiz Khalifa is feeling this falls jumpoff from the boys at NDK. You can never go wrong with a black and white crewneck sweatshirt. With "NDK" in big block white letters, this piece screams TIMELESS!!!
NDK decided to smack everyone over the head this fall with some nice pieces. That includes this very sporty red crewneck sweatshirt with the signature bunny and "NDK" written behind it in black. Quality piece from a quality label.
Here is another dope sweatshirt for you to drool over.. This grey crewneck with the NDK logo draped the front is sure to turn heads. The caldwell bunny has nothing on this!!!
In case you didnt know, NDK isnt the type to step up to the plate and take bunt.. Even with a full count they're still swining for the fences.. And this crew just lets you know straight up and down what the deal is.. The grand slams have been coming since 2008... YA DIGG!!!!!

Thanx from the guys from NDK for hitting us off with some true heat. And to everyone out there reading, Fly Times wants you to know that this is not a game. We are coming at you full blast and will not stop into everyone recognizes the movemnet. Peace and blessings to you all! Have a safe weekend!

---- worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

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