Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diamond Supply hits Fly Times Boutique

Hey everybody!! Today we're talkin DIAMONDS!! Not that stuff that Gretzky skate on, but those kids out in Cali that have scored another hat trick with their latest releases. So sit back, relax, and pray that you survive this serious power play thats headed your way!!Stand in front of your nearest mirror, look deep into your soul and ask yourself, what type of hear do I pocess? I think it's obvious that the boys at the Diamond Supply Company have the heart to be the kings of the urban jungle.
This crew is dedicated to all of my dedicated skaters out there with everything from broken legs to broken decks... DIAMOND LOVES YOU!!!
1...2...3...GOOOO DIAMOND!!!! This team inspired tee makes even the novice level sports fan want to jump up and get excited!!
God gave us the sun, moon, and the sky. And he also gave us a treasure in the form of a precious gem stone known as a diamond!! To touch a diamond is a great privelage and to own this tee is even better.
When handling diamonds, its a must that you look for color, cut, and clartiy. And this tee shows you what it takes to get the job done. To be the best you must leave no stone unturned!!
When it comes to getting fresh Fly Times Boutique is not playing around at all!! Its time for everyone to wake and smell whats cooking!! Audi 5000!!!

go find it at www.flytimesboutique.bigcartel.com

---- worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

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