Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10 Deep Holiday

Whats good everone!! Its a great day to be alive and an even better day to let you all know that the Fly Times Boutique squad is not slacking off one bit. As it gets closer to Christmas we plan on making all of your shopping needs quite simple. Today's installment is brought to you in part by those guys at Ten Deep. With items this fresh, even if you are on Santa's naughty list, you'll still come up! So get your hot chocolate and brace yourself for another blizzard of freshness, or better yet, FLYness!!!Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question, Why do I strive for greatness? Is it for fortune, fame, or personal satisfaction? There is nothing wrong with wanting any of those three things. In fact, they all come with the territory.But when you do things the right way, regardless if they like it, they will always have to respect it!! This tee comes with the classic chest pocket with a funky Ten Deep logo printed on the pocket with the signature "10" hanging off the bottom. And to make things perfectly clear they printed "LOCALLY RESPECTED" on the back just to let everyone know, we are locaaly respected an internationally known!!

Listen up rookies!!! Everybody wants to jump on the scene and be the head man in charge. Nobody wants to put in the time, effort, and desire it takes to be on the top. So this tee is for those who have endured the obstacles that arrive climbing up the ladder of success. In other words, only for those true "VETS" in the game!!

Here is another must have item for the fall. Not only is it a dope design, the quality of this hat is great.. With embroidered letters and patches, Ten Deep has once again spoiled us with another jewel for this season. And for those who know the roman numeral, all of those letters equal 1995.

These are just a few Ten Deep items that Fly Times Boutique are bringing straight to your doorstep. It is the holiday season and what better way to express one's spirit than to go to and stock on some quality yuletide stocking stuffers??? Peace, blessings, ans stay warm!!!

---- worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

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