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Props to our big Homie "Cap" of the panters

When Captain Munnerlyn gets moving, he surges upfield as though propelled by slingshot. His strides are as rapid as they are long, yet each comes purposefully, befitting the chip on his shoulder that is roughly the size of the Atlantic Ocean. The chip grew to such proportions after he surprisingly slipped to the seventh round of this year's NFL Draft.

"I'm kind of glad I went in the seventh round, because it did push me more," he said. "I'm hungry. I want it. I want to play football. I love the game. I feel like it was in God's plan for me to go in the seventh round. Now I have a chip on my shoulder."

And like the sea level itself, said chip continues to expand, as the perfectionist rookie cornerback gets upset with himself even when he's beaten in practice.

"We have to tell him sometimes, 'Let that play go,' because he gets mad," said cornerback Richard Marshall. "It's good to have that mindset of (not wanting) to get beat, but it's going to happen, and when it does, you've just got to forget about it."

But you'd always rather have the player who puts too much emotion and energy into otherwise mundane moments than the opposite. That's what the Panthers have in Munnerlyn, whose persistence and fire matched that of wide receiver Steve Smith, with whom Munnerlyn dueled in training-camp practices this summer.

Like Smith, Munnerlyn is shorter than the average player at his position. Like Smith, he compensates with tenacity.

"When it comes to football, I'm smaller than everybody," Munnerlyn said, "so I've got to have that big drive."

But that alone wouldn't have been enough to thrust him into the prominent role he earned for Week 1 -- nickel back on defense, punt returner and gunner on punt coverage. He had to improve -- which Marshall says he did.

"Once we got to training camp, you could tell that (Munnerlyn) went back and worked on the technique we were doing," Marshall said. "It got to him and he started playing with good technique. The coaches saw that, and they liked what they saw and put him out there."

Munnerlyn said the coaches told him a few days before the regular-season opener that he would be working as the nickel against the Eagles.

"I couldn't sleep the night before," he said. "First NFL game and I end up playing (approximately) 45 plays on defense. Being a rookie, I felt like that was great."

But his learning continues, even though training camp is over. Munnerlyn's primary lessons came as the gunner, which included a frustrating moment where he overpursued and was blocked behind DeSean Jackson, allowing the Eagles returner to burst upfield en route to a 75-yard touchdown.

"It's a learning process for me. I played gunner in college, but we never got (blocked) with two guys on you. It's kind of difficult getting off two guys," he said. "You've got to get used to it. But I'm getting better each day."

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Wiz Khalifa new single "This Plane" off "Deal or No Deal" Album

Rostrum Records, Frank Radio, and iHipHop Distribution are proud to announce the upcoming release of Wiz Khalifa’s “Deal Or No Deal.” The album will be available in stores and online November 24th.

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Pastelle by Kanye West | Never Coming Out

UPDATE: Earlier today we posted some images from the long-rumored Pastelle by Kanye West collection. Although pieces have been seen worn by Kanye West during several public appearances (such as the 2008 AMA Awards), Pastelle will never be released. That’s right. We’ve received official word that Pastelle will not be coming out. Ever. That said, Kanye West will release a collection under his own name in the near future. Stay tuned.

Complex's Young Jeezy x ESPO Cover Shoot

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props 2 4 this post Ask A Denim Guru: Kiya Babzani of Self Edge

Self Edge was founded by Demitra Georgopoulos (top) and Kiya Babzani.

Like a good pair of dress shoes, everyone should own a pair of high-quality jeans in their wardrobe. But as you delve deeper into the world of denim, you’ll find that—like everything else—as quality goes up, so does the price tag. Seeing that we want you to get the most out of a purchase that should be treated as an investment, we hollered at our friend Kiya Babzani, co-founder of San Francisco’s denim utopia Self Edge, to find out exactly what you’re paying for when you drop dough on designer jeans. Read on for his denim tips, as well as which brands won’t break the bank and the truth about washing raw denim…

Complex: What really separates the $75 tier of denim from the $200 tier?

Kiya Babzani: I’d like to think that you’re paying for better quality, but unfortunately with 99% of brands available you’re paying for the designer’s name. Often the consumer doesn’t fully see the difference until after a few months of daily wear when the denim has aged naturally.

Complex: What do you see as the next big trend in denim washes?

Kiya Babzani: We hope that raw denim continues as it is denim in its original true form. Just like you wouldn’t purchase a T-shirt with rips and holes or a watch with a cracked bezel, we see no point in buying a pair of jeans that looks like it’s already been worn for two years.

Complex: Give us three brands you recommend that won’t kill our budgets.

Kiya Babzani: Real Japan Blues, Iron Heart, and Flat Head are doing amazing things. These brands put so much work into the denim itself that the way their jeans look after a few months of wear is so dope you’d have to see in person to believe.

Complex: Some denim nerds say that the only to way to wash your jeans is in the ocean. What is really the best to wash your denim without messing it up? And is the “never wash your jeans” thing good advice, or all hype?

Kiya Babzani: We recommend washing jeans inside-out in cold water while using a gentle detergent. As opposed to using a dryer, line-drying works best. Ocean washes are great, but can leave a terrible smell that can only be removed by doing a hot wash. The “never wash your jeans” or “don’t wash for six months” is all hype and another way to make something extremely accessible seem more exotic to those just starting to learn about denim. At the end of the day they’re still jeans and probably the most resilient article of clothing most people will ever own.

Complex: What’s denim weight indicate and is that something that you should really care about?

Kiya Babzani: Denim weight is measured by square yard of loomstate denim; 14.5oz denim weighs 14.5oz per square cut yard of denim in its raw state. Denim weight is important in that it effects the way the denim will fade and age over time, but it’s just one of the many factors that goes into what makes up a certain denim. Twill-weave pattern, post-weave processes, indigo type, indigo dipping style, and the weave-cross pressure combined all determine what the denim will end up feeling and looking like after repeated wears.

Complex: Is taking denim to the tailors something only a soccer dad should do?

Kiya Babzani: We recommend only hemming jeans. We think there are so many different styles of jeans available from most manufacturers that there should be no reason to spend $300 on jeans that you’d have to take to the tailor to have modified beyond a simple inseam shortening.

Complex: What dress or casual options are still appropriate with denim? How can you rock a blazer with denim without looking like a tool?

Kiya Babzani: In the 1980s, Calvin Klein really helped pave the way for jeans to truly become a mainstream fashion staple and since then it’s been re-appropriated in every way imaginable. I’m more of a purist when it comes to jeans, I’m not a huge fan of seeing it done very dressed up with a blazer, but then again some might not like looking like they’re straight out of a 1950s’ motorcycle rebel film.

Complex: What denim fit do you recommend for sneakers?

Kiya Babzani: A great classic straight fit jean or something slightly on the slim side is great for wearing with sneakers. It makes the outfit if the jeans are right.

The Clipse Interview On Play Cloths and Sneakers

Air Jordan Spiz’ike - Grape

The Spiz’ike is going to be a major attention getter next year. Along with the Spike Lee inspired colorway we will get this Spiz’ike Grape colorway. Packed with emerald and purple hits on the upper the shoe osts a speckled midsole, white elephant print, and an icey sole. Look for these to drop summer of 2010 for $175. Via: Read the rest of this entry »

Billionaire Boys Club Online Releases

Ice Cream fiends are probably saying ‘hey we already know these are out’ but what they may be wondering is how they can score a pair if they live in Anytown USA. Well good news for you is that the shoes are officially available for sale online. All three styles are now the BBC/Ice Cream store and that means its time to check those bank accounts or get your paypal’sright viaBBC/IceCream

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