Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chump Change Clothing

New gear from Chump Change Clothing has arrived!! If you are the King of Your City you will be sure to like this.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ALIFE Public Estate Mid Woodstock Suede (teal)

New ALIFE sneakers to hit the shelves at Fly Times. These shoes are super tight! Go get them...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Secret Scientist pack

Secret Scientist has releasd a $100 Pack exclusively at Fly Times. The pack includes a crew x tee x snapback. Go get it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fly Times x Artisticreation

We did it again! The collaboration crewneck with Artistcreation was such a success, we had to offer our supporters another chance to cop this limited design. With this batch of crews buyers are getting a different colorway from the first version. It’s available for purchase at Flytimes Boutique, I guarantee it will sell out like before, so act fast! “A.Creation The Movement!”



Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Tribute

This is a very proud day in America. People of my generation have been accused of not appreciating what those before us have sacrificed. Well let me be the first to say that Fly Times Boutique pays major homage not only to Martin Luther King Jr, but to anyone who has played a role in breaking down the walls of segregation and blazing a trail of equality that will never be forgotten. Dr King exhibited the same couragousness and bravery that it takes to be succesful life as well as being an exemplatory figure in setting profound boundaries between right and wrong. He died fighting and hoping that one day everyone in the world would stand together in unison instead of being divided. The life he led enabled many doors to be opened, and those doors have led to many different avenues. There are african american scholars, inventors, businessman and women, atheletes, entertainers, and last but definetly not least an African American President that has given hope to a nation on the crux of major change.

My mother was 16 years old on that tragic april day in Memphis, and she can vividly remember the anguish and dismay that followed the heinous act that rocked our nation. She said "at that point, I knew whatever happened in America, wether its good or bad, this nation will never be the same". In the wireless world we live in it may be easy for some to forget what our past has taught us. In all actuality 42 years is not as long ago as one may want to think and for some those memories are as fresh as if to say it just happened moments ago. For that reason, living my life accordingly and abiding by those doctrines in which Dr. King set fourth is how I show my respect for those before me and as an example for those to come.

Teddy Pendergrass said "the world wont get no better if we just let it be". I have decided to be a part of the change instead sitting on the sideline hoping that it will one day come to pass. It does not take an extraordinary effort to be a good person. The sooner we learn to accept each other for our differences is all that stands in between mankind taking the next step toward world peace. That day should not just be a dream, it should be the reality that we all work dilligently toward for the sake of world. To everyone around the world, we should not just take on day or one month to remember those who have paved the way for us to live life without fear of torment because of the color of our skin. The sacrifices that were made should be remebered and honored everyday that we live. April 4, 1968 was the day that Martin Luther KIng Jr's physical form was put to rest, but our actions in rememberance should be honored forever!! Fly Times Boutique wishes everyone a happy and safe MLK Day!!

---- worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ro Cook

New Music from my homie Ro out of Buffalo. Click the link and here some good tunes

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Secret Scientist

Hows it hanging everybody!!!! Its been a while but Im back and feeling great!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. 2011 promises to be even better than last year. While you guys were drinking egg nog and unwrapping gifts, Fly Times Boutique was making sure we picked up this year right where we left off. Fly Times is still in the early stages of its development but continues to grow stronger by the day through you guys support. So with all that being said. I have a real secret to let you all in on!!!!

All ideas start with mental conception. You think about something so much until it engulfs your whole being. From the time you wake up until its time to go to sleep there is nothing else that captivates you. Its so good that you have to keep it a secret. Albert Einstein had a secret, the Wright Brothers had secrets, Thomas Edison had secrets. Well we have a secret that we are going to let everyone in on. There is a new label by the name of "Secret Scientist" that is making a lot of noise. And what boutique has earned the esteemed privelage of being the first to carry this exclusive brand??? You guessed it, Fly Times Boutique!!! "Secret Scientist" released "Formula 1" which included both black and grey crew neck sweaters dawned with the SS logo on front. The success did not come unexpected but the speed in which it came suprised everyone. So now they have released some pretty cool tee shirts, including the grey tee you see on display below. Personally. i think "Secret Scientist" is a label that has much upside, and having the oppurtunity to speak with the founder and designer assured me that the potential for growth is limitless!! When it all comes together I want you all to remeber that Majjy Dangerfield told me those "Secret Scientist" guys were going to do there thing!!!

Fly Times Boutique is much more than a place you can buy clothes from. We encourage everyone to embrace the lifestyle that is accompanied with it. Clothes alone can not make you cool. Your "cool" is a unique set of charecteristic that set you a part from everyone else, and the guys at Fly Times promote that to the fullest!!! The owner of "Secret Scientist" have decided to keep the brand very exclusive so if u have any questions feel free to contact them at, @SecretScientist for you tweeter heads... Peace out an remember, there's nothing cooler than being yourself....

---- worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Faded Penguin

Fly Times needs a Photgrapher!!

On-site Photographer

FlyTimes Boutique is on the hunt to find experienced photographers to join our staff. We are seeking skilled, motivated and extremely enthusiastic independent photographers who enjoy what they do and want to increase their booking potential.

Candidates must have creative vision, and an eye for modern, urban fashion.

To Apply:

Send resume and brief portfolio of recent work to

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Secret Scientist

Formula 1 from Secret Scientist has arrived and is available at the shop and online.. .. This is definately a dope brand. Go cop it and more!!