Saturday, June 13, 2015

Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise (Documentary)

Jeezy's "TM101 10th Anniversary" Celebration Show Trailer


The Lord wants us to reach our full potential—to become the people He’s designed us to be and achieve the tasks He’s planned for us to do. In our pressurized society, we need to have balanced schedules if we’re going to live according to God’s purposes. 
Consider the following five areas. When any is out of balance, our relationship with the Lord and others will be affected, diminishing our effectiveness as servants of Christ.
1. To develop our relationship with the Lord and receive guidance, our top priority should be to spend private time with Him each day.
2. Time with family and friends is also essential because relationships are such an important part of God’s plans for our lives.
3. The area in which we are most likely to become imbalanced is our work. Although the Lord doesn’t approve of laziness, He doesn’t want us to be overly consumed with our careers either.
4. If we are to accomplish the Lord’s purposes in our lives, we need to take care of our bodies, allocating adequate time for exercise, rest, and recreation.
5. The Scriptures also clearly command meeting together regularly with other believers for worship (Hebrews 10:24-25). While some people have limitations that hinder doing this, most of us have no excuse for being too busy for church.
These general areas all need space in your life, but I cannot tell you how to allocate time for them. The Lord has specific plans for each person, and He is the only one who can accurately direct your schedule. Seek His guidance, listen for His voice, and make the changes He brings to mind.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

OG Maco - "15" (Official Video) [Directed By: CJCVM]


If you knew that something you desired could destroy your life, would you keep chasing after it? The Bible warns about a certain kind of pursuit that can cause one to: 
1) Fall into sin.
2) Be mastered by foolish wishes. 
3) Engage in activities that erode character. 
4) Plunge into moral ruin. 
5) Wander from faith. 
In spite of these dire warnings, many people are still ruled by a longing to get rich.
There is nothing wrong with being affluent, as long as we follow God’s rules for wise living. Specifically, we are to honor Him with our money, which includes acknowledging that He is the rightful owner (Proverbs 3:9;  Psalms 50:10). And we’re also to give it cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7). The desire for riches becomes a sin when accumulation is among our highest priorities. If that is the case, the god we end up serving is money.
Believers are to live by grace in every aspect of their lives, including finances. That means we surrender wages, portfolio, and charitable giving into God’s hands. Furthermore, we accept what He gives as enough, even when the bank account seems low by the world’s standards. He has promised to supply our needs, so we’re to regard financial gains and losses as part of His will and plan.
I am not preaching a message that suggests godly people are rewarded with riches. Poverty and tough times are as common to believers as to unbelievers. However, the Bible promises that if we live by God’s grace, He will provide amply for whatever we need (2 Corinthians 9:8).