Sunday, February 20, 2011

Secret Scientist Presents: The Dream Team

Secret Scientist is bringing you the hottest thing since Barcelona in 92'!! The same way Jordan, Magic, Pippen, Malone and them dominated the summer, The "SS" Basketball drop is going to have the same effect when it drops. In case you've been under a rock Secret Scientist is a very up and coming label that is exclusive to Fly Times Boutique and its online store. This drop is going to include a grey crew neck sweat shirt with "SS" Basketball logo and a navy blue tee shirt with the Secret Scientist "Dream Team", outta the way Christian Laettner!!! So there it is, more for you to anticipate.... oh yeah, an it drops at halftime of the Allstar Game so have your chips together!!! Peace!!!

---worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

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