Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Tony Davis: Fly Times Owner

Meet Tony Davis, our boss and the epitome of cool. Born in Mobile, AL. He graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Marketing. He even played college baseball for three years. To think, he could have been a professional baseball player instead of the creator of the greatest thing to hit fashion in Alabama. Ever since founding Fly Times Boutique, he has given streetwear and followers of streetwear in the South a place to call home. At only 24 years old, it won’t be long before Fly Times is everywhere you turn, thanks to him. Of course you want to know more about the guy that keeps you looking legit. So, I interviewed him for you! And yes, he’s the boss you wish you had. Plus, he has the best superhero theme song to date. Let’s get to know Tony Davis, the CEO of Fly Times.

1. Describe Tony Davis, The Boss. What’s he like? I am a very chill boss but when I want something done it needs to be done. Majority of the time I am laughing and having a good time. It takes a lot to get me aggravated but when I do it’s a problem. As long as you do your job and show up on time I am happy. Being on time is very critical to me.

2. What is Fly Times’ mission statement? The mission of Fly Times Boutique is to offer the flyest clothing to accommodate a niche target. The company will make every effort to keep the customer happy. As well as running a profitable business, Fly Times wants to establish a personal relationship with each customer to be able to assist as much as possible. Our goal is to make the customers experience the best any boutique can offer. We want to continue to be flyer than most.

3. How did you come up with the Fly Times name and the iconic paper plane? The name first started off as a newspaper theme. I wanted the fashion to come as news. Time was running short so I had to come up with something simple so I decided on the paper plane. Paper planes are iconic within itself. Paper planes have been around and will be around forever. Growing up everyone has flown a paper plane. I want Fly Times to last forever. Just like the paper plane. I still may incorporate the newspaper theme.

4. Do you have a style icon? If so, who and why? I am a huge fan of Nigo. He is the owner and creator of Bathing Ape. He did not just change fashion, he changed the world. Crossing borders internationally is not an easy task, but he has pulled this off as well as maintaining his presence at home. He also has a very selective clientele.

5. All bosses have a catch phrase. What’s yours? You got to have one. “Great day. Thank god and thank you.” I thank God faithfully. I have to. Without God I would not be in the position that I am in. Next I thank the customers. I love my customers.

6. What’s your most coveted pair of kicks? My most coveted pair of kicks are my Cool Greys. It may sound cliché but that’s my favorite pair. I was so amped about the release. I still have not worn mine yet.

7. What artist(s) are you listening to right now? Mac Miller

8. Hypothetically speaking, say you were a streetwear superhero saving the citizens of Fly Nation from the fashion lames of the Earth. What would your name be, and who would produce/perform your theme song?
Supa Fly and perfoming would be Missy Elliott - The Rain [Supa Dupa Fly]

9. What’s your stance on the ever popular skinny jeans beef? Yay or nay. I’m not really into it. But if that’s what you want to wear then go for it. Be confident in what you wear. A persons perception can change a lot by someone just by the way they carry themselves. The same outfit on two different people can look so different.

10. What should everyone be looking out for from the Fly Times boutique and brand in 2011? Continue to grow. Fly Times is a baby in the industry, As the store continues to grow expect bigger and better things.

worded by: Frieda Funlicious

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