Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NDK Cement Crew

Happy humpday people!! The week has almost come to an end but that doesnt mean that there isn't work to do. Janurary seemed to just "FLY" by but its all good, while you all diligently work Fly Times Boutique brings you more exclusive items to spend that hard earned money on. Trust me, todays installment of fresh gear will definetly make you want to consider putting in some overtime!! Sit back, relax and pay attention to what's coming your way..

Ok, so I know everyone went out last week and copped the Jordan 3's like you were supposed too. If you did, give your self a congratulatory pat on the back, if you didn't its all good, you're still goin to want what Fly Times is bringing to you. "NDK" clothing has been making big noise in the fashion idustry. So much so that it has a really hard time staying on the racks!! This black crew neck sweatshirt is dawned with the "NDK" logo with the timeless cement print over the bunny , and for an additional flavor the letters "NDK" draped across the back in red with the cement print as well. And just to let you all know, Fly Times Boutique is the "ONLY" boutique that will be caring this exclusive piece. So my suggestion to you all is to be ready because when it drops, it will be gone faster than "Homeboys in Outerspace"!!!!

So there you have it, Fly Times Boutique has brought to you something else to drool over. Stay tuned, because there is more to come!! Peace out everyone!!

----worded by: majjy dangerfield

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