Friday, December 17, 2010

10 Deep Holiday Delivery 2

Another dope hat from 10 DEEP has landed at in Fly Times Boutique. This black and white fitted will be another great piece to add to the lineup. Wether your from Brooklyn, Baltimore, or any in between, Im more than this piece will be appreciated!

Okay, now lets get serious. TEN DEEP knows how to get it done, more proof of that has come on the form of this super FLY grey crewneck sweatshirt. Once again they have combined a signature look with great quality. The patches have been embroidered onto the front, black, and sleeves giving it an extra degree of FLYness!! If you notice, theses patches are mostly associated with a love for firearms. Hey, it our right as an Amereican so..... LOCK AND LOAD!!!! They also had the audacity to drop this winter classic in black!!

A promoters best friend is a dope sticker. They can go anywhere and in most cases they do. TEN DEEP decided do a little promoting of their own. One stamp wasn't enough, the third time proved to be a charm on this one. The signature brass knuckles on front and "TEN DEEP" written on back makes this white tee simple yet, DOPE!!!!

This is not for those who just want to look cool. Check out this tee, admire it, and then ask youself... DO I REALLY GO HARD, OR DO I JUST NEED TO GO HOME??? If u answered go home... congrats for being real with yourself, but do me another favor, click away from this tee because your not worthy. But if you feel like it's talking to you, go for it!!

In case you all have not been paying attention, something needs to be noticed. Fly Times Boutique has built its reputation on have exclusive, fresh, and new brands that aren't available everywhere. We dont brag, we dont boast, we put in hard work and dares anyone to tell us differently. From hats, watches, tees, jeans, crews, hoodies, and jackets, and more... WE DO THIS MAN!!!

---- worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

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