Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Secret Scientist x Trademark

Happy 420 all my herbalist out there!!! Ok so take a break, clear that carb, put the bong down and pay attention. Secret Scientist has gone from a great idea to a young and thriving label that is picking up more momentum with each project. So the #DREAMTEAM pack and the Artistic Creation collaboration were not enough huh?? Well check it out, what do you get when you combine an up and coming clothing label with a thriving artist?? Secret Scientist and Super Villian a.k.a trademark have teamed up to bring you a collaboration well worth your money!! As the Secret Scientist saga begins to unfold we start to get more of a glimpse of the character that is dawning the front of the SS threads. As the fashion game starts to become saturated with fly by night labels and rappers that think they're stylist, its nice to see a collabo that can actually be credible. Stayed tuned because Secret Scientist has more in the works for the summer time..Isn't it cool to actually see the Super Villian win the end??? And of cousre you all know that this EXCLUSIVE collabo is ONLY available at Fly Times Boutique! or! AUDI 5000!!!!
---worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

Secret Scientist brings you a collab with New Orleans rapper Trademark of the Jets.

Exclusively sold at Fly Times Boutique.


Pre-order for 4/20.

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