Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fly Times Cookout

Has it been two years already?? It seems like yesterday paint was being slapped on the wall..... In two years Fly Times Boutique has grown up tremendously!! Stepping straight out of the shadows of obscurity right on to the urban fashion scene with no signs of falling back into the cut. With a lot of hard work and time dedicated to his mission, Tony Davis, owner of Fly Times Boutique has watched his creation go from unknown in the city to well known across the country!! And still has more to come!! It seems like every month it gets better an better!! Which is why on Saturday April 30th Fly Times Boutique is having the "Fly Times Boutique Cookout" to show appreciation for those who have helped the dream become reality. Not only will the cookout include FREE FOOD, the will be great deals on going on in the store. This includes snapbacks x tee's for $50, selected tee's for $20 and 2 for $30 on other selected tees. And if you spend $100 you get an exclusive Secret Scientist tank top for FREE!! The festivities start at 1 o'clock so come out and listen to some good tunes, eat some good food, grab some nice threads and have a FLY time!! ..Worded By Maj Dangerfield

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