Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fly Times Boutique feature in WWS Magazine

Store name : Fly Times Boutique

Location : 3700 Government Blvd. Building C ; Mobile, AL 36693

Established date : December 12, 2009

Founder : Tony Davis

Website :

How was your store first originated ?
– Fly Times Boutique came about in a matter of seconds, literally. I had just graduated from South Alabama in Mobile, AL and I planned on moving to Charlotte, NC. I was already into fashion and focusing on my own clothing line and opening my own store was not really an option. I was an avid sneaker head and highly into fashion but I always had to shop online or go out of town because there was nothing near. I decided that I have the will and mind to put something together for my hometown , Mobile, AL .

How did you come up with the name for the store ?
– Fly Times came about based on a newspaper theme. I wanted mailboxes and old newspapers and things of that nature. I wanted to definitely incorporate a lot of those types of ideas in piecing my store together to make it dope. I liked the word Fly in it because everyone wants to be fly. I’m that place for you to go and get fly.

Who are your influences ?
– My dad is the person I look up to the most. He’s not only a hero but my biggest fan base. Born in Jamaica he didn’t have much but he worked hard and graduated from Georgia Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He showed me that anything is possible through hard work. Nigo , the founder of “A Bathing Ape”, definitely influenced me. I love Bape and it may be my favorite brand. Coming out so strong and taking over globally like he did was genius to me. His ideas and thoughts are not common at all. I am a huge fan of Jay-Z and want to one day have my hands on multiple facets of the industry. At the end of the day it all goes back to God. I have gone through some trials and still dealing with them and focusing on Him has really helped me form to become a better person and try to influence others in the right direction. My mom influencing me a lot religiously. She is from the South where you go to church if you like it or not. Her faith has protected me just on her prayers alone. She is a great woman.

What brand or things can we find at your store ?
– I carry Durkl, 10 Deep, Crooks and Castles, Fat Kidz With Cake, Price of Popularity, Nooka Watches, G-Shocks, Stamp’d LA, Warrior Shoes, Fli Pelican, Breezy Excursion, UTB Lifestyle, RockSmith, Hot Air, Mishka, Alife, and some collections of Snapbacks. You can find clothing to accessories, to mixtapes. Even a collection of Legos.

What sets your store different from others ?
– What separates me from other boutiques are the accounts that I have. Some of my brands you can only get at Fly Times Boutique. Its makes more visible to a certain niche of people trying to find that one brand. I also stress a customer relationship. I do most of my emails and updates personally and send each person a separate message to interact personally.

Are there any challenges you run into while running a business ?
– Running a new business and only being 24 its hard just knowing all the brands and good and bad moves of the industry. I have to learn as I go. Its also hard being the only boutique within 150 miles. I have to educate as well as get people to shop. Overall I’m happy with where I am for only being in business for 4 months.

Any future plans for the store ?
– I def want to expand and have more than one location. The store will grow as long as my hard work and dedication grows. Be on the look out for my own line to drop very soon.

Much love to WWS Magazine !!!!

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