Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diamond Supply Co. coming soon to Fy Times

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well this time, even tough guys can associate themselves with diamonds as well, thanks to the skateboarding slash streetwear clothing and accessories line, Diamond Supply Co. The clothing line was launched in California back in 1998 by Nick Tershay , who also goes by the alias Nick Diamond. The company initially started out as a distributor of skateboarding hardware goods, but soon branched out into creating and selling streetwear-inspired clothing. If there’s one thing that Nick knows, it’s that skateboarding has managed to transcend the boundaries of being merely a hobby, and is now evolving into a lifestyle. Being a skater himself, this is something that Nick knows about well, and makes sure is reflected in his edgy t-shirt designs. Diamond Supply Co. is not just a clothing company, but is a representation of the skateboarding community and all that it stands for, resulting in bringing to life one of the best skateboarding teams there is. With the crème de la crème of skateboarding – such as Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Bob Burnquist and Kareem Campbell, among others – representing the brand, the message surely is being sent out loud and clear.
Diamond Supply Co. creator Nick Tershay holds up his crown jewel -- the Diamond "Tiffany" Dunk SB sneakerDiamond Supply Co. creator Nick Tershay holds up his crown jewel -- the Diamond "Tiffany" Dunk SB sneakerDiamond Supply Co. hinges on the philosophy of actual diamonds being very rare and valuable. As such, the company makes it a point to manufacture certain designs only in small quantities, in order to up its value and to entice people to get it as soon as possible before the stocks run out. As of present, Diamond Supply Co. is one of the hottest and most sought-after skateboarding design labels around, not just because of how they play on the consumers’ thinking that the rarer something is, the more they’d want to have it, but because their designs are so hip and cutting-edge that people – skateboarders and non-skateboarders alike – are immediately drawn to them.

It’s not just customers that Diamond Supply Co. has been drawing in, but even fellow design companies as well. The brand has collaborated with several labels in the past and still continues to do so – labels ranging from high street couture to hip hop chic. Just some of the labels that Diamond Supply Co. have collaborated with include: J Dubbs for New Era caps and t-shirts, Berrics White for a limited-edition, 100-piece graphic t-shirt, Crooks & Castles for a 4Cs (Cut, Color, Carat, & Clarity) t-shirt, and Girl Skateboards for a Marilyn Monroe graphic t-shirt.

However, if there would only be just one thing that Diamond Supply Co. is known for, then it would have to be the legendary sneaker design that they released alongside Nike in 2005 – the Diamond “Tiffany” Dunk SB. The Diamond “Tiffany” Dunk SB is an aqua blue sneaker with black crocodile skin detail and the ever-famous Nike logo on the sides and the Diamond Supply Co. logo on the tongue. The hype of this collaboration created such a buzz that people were placing in orders way before the release date and lines were said to be snaking in front of all the retailers’ outlets for days just so they could get their hands on a pair. If some people still didn’t know about Diamond Supply Co. before, then they definitely did now, as the release cemented a firm foundation as a credible brand for not just skateboarders, but of those who know fashion and streetwear culture.

This 2010, Diamond Supply Co. has already released their Spring and Summer collections, featuring classic yet stylish graphic t-shirts with designs focusing on diamonds, and the latter featuring graphic logo t-shirts, Crewnecks, belts, wallets, caps, and other merchandise produced in collaboration with The Hundreds and JETs International.

You know that a brand has hit it big when its fanbase broadens from its initial target market to other lifestyle areas – as is definitely the case with Diamond Supply Co. Aside from being promoted by the most popular skateboarders, Diamond Supply Co. has also been seen on the likes of hip hop artists and rappers such as Lil Wayne,Rick Ross, Rich Boy and Curren$y. The brand has also graced the pages of publications such as Rides Magazine.

Despite its renowned success, Diamond Supply Co. still remains faithful to its clientele in providing fashionable and high-quality yet affordable clothing, a factor that brings in even more fans. Get your own piece of rare Diamond from the Diamond Supply Co and soon FLY TIMES BOUTIQUE.... Peep the Spring 2010 collection soon 2 b in at Fly Times:

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