Friday, February 14, 2014

Daily Devotional - Confidence Brings Comfort

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy . . . 
—Psalm 16:11
Being confident in God’s love enables us to be comfortable in His presence. It is important to be able to relax and be comfortable at all times, yet many people are tense and uptight most of the time. They are nervous and sometimes even afraid to meet new people, begin tasks or have to make decisions. Some people are often tense or anxious when they attempt to meet with God in prayer and fellowship. They are afraid they won’t pray properly, long enough, with the right posture or with enough eloquence. God  loves us at all times and is always glad to spend time with us; He’s happy when we want to be with Him and He delights in hearing our prayers and answering them. He doesn't expect us to be perfect or our prayers to be perfect, . So we need to accept our imperfections and work on our weaknesses while allowing God to love us as we are. If any one of us could be perfect in our behavior we would not need Jesus and His death would have been in vain. He paid for all our imperfections and makes a way for us to be comfortable in God’s presence. Because of what Jesus did, we can relax in God and be confident in His love.
Love God Today: I thank You Lord that I can relax in life, living free from the tyranny of anxiety, nervousness or fear. I am confident in You and comfortable in Your presence!

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