Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kanye West Presents “Black American Psycho”

With Cruel Summer flying off the shelves, Kanye West seems to be planning the release of another project. It’s possible that this could be the title of his sixth studio album, the title of his next short-film, or the title of his next single and/or music video. A domain owned by Def Jam Records, Black American Psycho, has popped up on the internet stating “Kanye West Presents | Black American Psycho | 10.23.2012.” No one knows for certain what this is all about, the possibilites are endless. Kanye told Ellen DeGeneres back in 2008, “On this album [808s and Heartbreak], I kind of embody Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.” So don’t think that this is a coincidence, whatever it is, it was definitely influenced by the film.

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