Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fly Times Interview with The Hype Magazine

Who is Tony?
My name is Tony Davis. I am 26 years old and originally from Mobile, AL. I graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Marketing. I own Fly Times Boutique and the clothing line Secret Scientist. Im energetic and have a real passion for fashion. My mind is 1000 mph. I'm always moving. God is the most important person in my life. My faith is what keeps me going. When did you realize you wanted to start an online store? I didn't realize I needed an online store until after I had a storefront in Mobile. I wasn't big on social networks and so forth but when business started off slower than expected in Mobile I had to do something to increase sales. No money is no good for a business. Do you design original pieces for your site? I do design original pieces for Fly Times. The Fly Times Iconic series is all done by me. It represents different Icons throughout history. People that have influenced society. That's the way I want Fly Times to be. Influencing the world. Paper Planes Fly Forever is my motto. I also designed the design for the Mobile Fly Sharks. It's a skate team I'm working on. Cant give that away too much. Where do you get your inspiration? Most of my inspiration comes from my dad. My dad isn't big on fashion but he's the prime example of how to be a great friend, father, hard worker, family man, the list could go on and on. I cant let him down. When it comes to fashion I like Nigo, the creator of Bape. Bathing Ape is my favorite brand. I'm also a big fan of Cool Cats and Pegleg NYC. I get inspired by simple stuff. If I see something and i think its tight I will run with it. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion to me is a way of thinking. Most people dress how they feel. If you are feeling fly one day, you dress fly. If you feel sick, you dress sick. If you feel like you look good that day, you try and dress the best. Fashion is so expressive and so different for each individual. I always say 2 people wearing the exact same thing can look so different. Its always changing so you have to be ready to move with the trends but as long as you are happy and you like what you think is fashionable then nobody else matters. What are some of your accomplishments with your boutique? My biggest accomplishments of the store was all the 1st things that I did. Fly Times was the first boutique in Alabama with Billionaire Boys Club, HUF, Mishka, Rastaclats, Sprayground, Benny Gold, Diamond Supply, and Secret Scientist. That was unprecedented in Alabama. Ive also had some really tight meet and greets. Wiz Khalifa, Rich Boy, and Travis Porter have all been in the shop. Lastly, all the international love Fly Times gets is awesome. I get orders Japan, Brazil, Canada, Russia, etc on a regular. That inspired the Fly Times International series I'm dropping this month. What is the best perk, having an online store? NO OVERHEAD. Haha but seriously it keeps the cost down on the bills but it makes you have more work on the other end. Always promoting online and staying more in contact with your customers globally. In the future do you plan on opening a store front? I do. I had a storefront in Mobile, AL for 2 years but just recently relocated to Charlotte. I plan on opening a store by 2013. I miss it. How would you define your city's fashion? The fashion in Mobile is the South 100%. Baggy clothes. Most people dress the same. That's why Fly Times was able to stand out. It was something completely different. It was no offense to my city because that's all we knew. The South is slow when it comes to fashion. What was the first article of clothing you purchased for your store? The 1st piece of clothing was actually purchased by Wiz Khalifa. It was an Amongst Friends vest. How do you feel about being involved in fashion shows? I try to do as many as possible. The more exposure the better. I have been involved in numerous fashion shows. Who are some of your favorite designers? Harry McNally, Karl Lagerfeld, and Marc Jacobs What do you wish people would understand about owning an online boutique? That its harder than people think. Its work everyday. People think you just sit at home and get orders and that's it. There's marketing to do, promotion, boxing and shipping, social networks, placing orders, etc. Its a lot of work. Plus some people feel as if they can talk to a person any kind of way. Its sad really. I have some hate emails over a $30 tee because people think I'm just chilling and relaxing. Its just as difficult as having a storefront. I would actually prefer the storefront. What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a online boutique? Customer service is 100% the most important thing. That doesn't mean the customer is always right but repeat customers makes you feel great/ What trends do you see being big next season? I see backpacks coming hard. Gold will remain a classic forever. Right now fashion isn't really for the up and comers. Its rich fashion right now and I dont see that changing right now. Is there anything you would like our readers to know? Live right, have faith, Work hard, and life will be good. Not always easy, but good. I love Fly Times Boutique and its only getting better. Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment… this is crazy but someone came in my store and thought I could put them on with music. I couldn't obviously. I tried to put him out and as I asked him to leave he started to sing. He sung an entire song in my store with customers in the store. It was nuts. Interviewed by: Daja "Marie" Greer

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