Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I went to the mall two weeks ago. I walked around the entire two-story building, some stores I walked in, just to see what was new. Other stores I walked right by, KNOWING that I won’t buy anything.

Have you ever purchased an item just so you can say you went to the mall and actually bought something??? Haha, so you’ll feel like it was time and GAS well spent!

Everybody’s been there at some point and time, but let me give you a hint on how to save gas.
To be fly you have to shop where the gear is flyer than most. And that’s none other than Fly Times Boutique! Giving you hottest trends, in-store & online!

Did you miss out on the @PinkDolphinCo Spring collection, don’t fret, Fly Times Boutique got it and much more.

Now it wouldn’t be right if @UTBLifestyle didn’t bless the shop with the hottest butta! That’s right, the 9-5 hoodie is coming to the shop as well. Just in case you forgot, Fly Times Boutique is the FIRST to have a butta account, so the exclusive 9-5 tee will be here too. 

THIS is the one stop shop to get swagged out in the lastest snapbacks (green underbrims, of course), get them while they’re hot because it’s hard to keep them in the shop! Fresh Nike mid’s, along with @Artisticreation, Skunkwear, and EXCLUSIVE in the shop Secret Scientist. Don’t miss out on the All-Star drop, the SS crew and tee are flying out of the shop. Get yours quick!

Fly Times Boutique is flyer than most, giving you the latest exclusive gear in the South and online! Check out the pics below and mark your calendars!

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