Thursday, January 13, 2011

Secret Scientist

Hows it hanging everybody!!!! Its been a while but Im back and feeling great!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. 2011 promises to be even better than last year. While you guys were drinking egg nog and unwrapping gifts, Fly Times Boutique was making sure we picked up this year right where we left off. Fly Times is still in the early stages of its development but continues to grow stronger by the day through you guys support. So with all that being said. I have a real secret to let you all in on!!!!

All ideas start with mental conception. You think about something so much until it engulfs your whole being. From the time you wake up until its time to go to sleep there is nothing else that captivates you. Its so good that you have to keep it a secret. Albert Einstein had a secret, the Wright Brothers had secrets, Thomas Edison had secrets. Well we have a secret that we are going to let everyone in on. There is a new label by the name of "Secret Scientist" that is making a lot of noise. And what boutique has earned the esteemed privelage of being the first to carry this exclusive brand??? You guessed it, Fly Times Boutique!!! "Secret Scientist" released "Formula 1" which included both black and grey crew neck sweaters dawned with the SS logo on front. The success did not come unexpected but the speed in which it came suprised everyone. So now they have released some pretty cool tee shirts, including the grey tee you see on display below. Personally. i think "Secret Scientist" is a label that has much upside, and having the oppurtunity to speak with the founder and designer assured me that the potential for growth is limitless!! When it all comes together I want you all to remeber that Majjy Dangerfield told me those "Secret Scientist" guys were going to do there thing!!!

Fly Times Boutique is much more than a place you can buy clothes from. We encourage everyone to embrace the lifestyle that is accompanied with it. Clothes alone can not make you cool. Your "cool" is a unique set of charecteristic that set you a part from everyone else, and the guys at Fly Times promote that to the fullest!!! The owner of "Secret Scientist" have decided to keep the brand very exclusive so if u have any questions feel free to contact them at, @SecretScientist for you tweeter heads... Peace out an remember, there's nothing cooler than being yourself....

---- worded by: Majjy Dangerfield

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