Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 1: The Beginning

Fly Times Boutique was started on Dec.12, 2009 in Mobile, AL. The first of its kind in Mobile and 1 of 2 in Alabama. That day it was storming. Like storming so much where it was flooding. The floods wasnt going to stop the Grand Opening. Big things had been planned. The day was eventful. People came from different parts of the city to see what the buzz was about. So far so good. Then the homie Wiz Khalifa came thru and made the day a success. Not only was that big for Fly Times Boutique, but for the city. See Mobile is a city thats al little slow but has so much potential. I can say that because I have lived here my entire life. Its no respect to the people but its slow. Wiz coming down may not have seeemed big then or even big now, but it will be legendary one day. The party was a success. Cars were literally stuck in the water downtown. Me, Will, Wiz, and Chevy came thru and they rocked out. It was funny because the weater had so many people bummed. The club owner said just smoked. Everyone in the club pulled out theirs and it was nuts. People were literally passed out on the floor in the club! there may have been a pound smoked in the club that night and thats no lie. No exaggeration. It was crazy. Overall the beginning had begun and now it was time to start the journey.


  1. Super cool shit! I'm from montgomery big streetwear fan, I seen the date and I was wondering if I was down there when ya'll opened and wiz was there..mad I missed that, but I do look forward to making my way down there ASAP and showing you guys some love...I'm in the guard so I'm down that way once a month, so I'll be sure to check the joint out..and yeah alabama is mad slow but cool shit is cool shit..and real recognize guys will do great things! good luck!