Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BeezyExcursion Comin Soon

Breezy Excursion is a clothing company proudly based out of San Jose, CA. Many of our designs portray nostalgic memories that relate to 80’s babies. Each collection thats made, we cherish with all of our heart. There are special times /sweat /tears /blood /headaches /hangovers and great stories from each collection. We hope you see that in our product.

The mission at Breezy Excursion is to always provide consumer happiness. A happy you makes a happy us. We also want to “bring it back”. We want to bring back childhood memories for our customers and their peers when they see or wear our stuff. We will stay focused to making themed collections all year long. We thrive by the memories we provide on our tees and that’s what we will stick by. You are number 1. check out BeezyExcursion online

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