Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Of 2009: The Converse x UNDFTD Poor Man’s Weapon is the Year’s #8 Sneaker

What are the best sneakers of 2009? To answer this question, we assembled a panel of sneaker experts, including Matt Halfhill (founder of, DJ Clark Kent (God’s favorite DJ), Mayor (AF1 King), Chris Vidal (ALIFE Manager), and Wil Whitney (head coach of 21 Mercer and founder of Nom de Guerre). Last week, each expert shared their personal Top 10, and now everyone is coming together to determine the official Top 10 Sneakers of 2009. We even caught the whole debate on video.

The Converse x UNDFTD Poor Man’s Weapon is holding down the #8 spot on our top ten list because it was one of those collaborations that hit on all cylinders. Whether it was the nylon flight jacket material used on the upper of the sneakers, or the olive green colorway, it was a perfect remix of the classic Chuck Taylor. In the debate, our panel discusses the impact that UNDFTD being attached to the project had, and offers an explanation for the “Weapon” name. Watch the video below to see why The Converse x UNDFTD Poor Man’s Weapon is the #8 sneaker of 2009, and stay tuned until later today when we’ll unveil the #7 sneaker of the year…
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